Skin Aging: More Than Just a Number


It’s a common misconception that skin aging aligns strictly with your chronological age. In reality, several factors influence the rate at which your skin ages, including genetics, overall health, sun exposure, and lifestyle habits like smoking.

Age is just a number, but your skin tells its own story. Remember, it’s not the years in your life, but the life in your years that reflects on your skin. Nourish it, cherish it, and let it radiate your journey’s joy and wisdom

~ Aisha Makes Bariki

The good news? You have more control over your skin’s aging process than you might think. It’s entirely possible for your skin to appear significantly younger than your actual age.

To maintain youthful skin, it’s crucial to be aware of certain factors that can accelerate aging. Here are three unexpected culprits and effective strategies to counter them.

How an Unhealthy Diet Causes Skin Aging

High consumption of processed or sugary foods spikes blood sugar and insulin, causing cellular inflammation and accelerating skin aging. This process is called glycation. It leads to wrinkles and a dull complexion. To combat these effects, moderating intake of such foods and choosing a nutrient-rich diet can and preserve skin health.

  • How to Counteract: Reduce your intake of high-carb foods, which rapidly convert to blood sugar. Instead, focus on whole grains, vegetables, and fruits. Boost your consumption of antioxidants found in foods like berries, citrus fruits, and bell peppers. Similarly, you can add a topical approach. Bariki Body Care products, rich in antioxidants such as vitamins C and E, and grapeseed oil, can be beneficial for your skin’s health and vitality.

Sleeping Habits

Did you know that consistently sleeping on the same side of your face can cause premature skin aging? Dr. Mary P. Lupo, a clinical professor of dermatology at Tulane University, explains that while the body repairs various tissues during sleep, including the skin, sleeping on the same side can “iron in” wrinkles, deforming the skin’s collagen and hindering circulation.

  • How to Counteract: Embrace the journey to tranquil slumber and gently shift your sleeping posture nightly. Infuse your nightly ritual with Bariki Body Care’s soothing treasures for a serene and restorative rest. Read on for details on our Serenity Sleep Routine

How Depression causes skin aging

Emotional wellbeing is often reflected in our appearance. Depression can lead to frequent frowning or grimacing, etching fine lines and wrinkles into the skin.

  • How to Counteract: Engage in activities that elevate your mood, like exercise, therapy, meditation, or the soothing resonance of a sound bowl. The harmonious vibrations can promote relaxation and mental clarity, aiding in your journey to emotional and skin wellness.

Remember, slowing down the aging process is in your hands. I’m 45, but with these tips, I plan to keep my skin looking eternally youthful!

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