Glowing Skin Made Simple: Organic Honey & Oatmeal Mask DIY

An inviting kitchen setting with a wooden table displaying ingredients for a DIY Honey & Oatmeal Face Mask. The scene includes a bowl of finely ground oatmeal, a jar of natural honey, a small bowl of warm water, a soft brush, and a spoon for mixing. The natural and homemade essence of the mask is emphasized by the bright, airy kitchen background.

Introduction to Natural Skin Care

In today’s fast-paced world, the allure of natural skin care has never been more appealing. At Bariki Body Care, we believe in harnessing the power of nature to nourish and rejuvenate your skin. And what better way to do that than with ingredients straight from your kitchen?

Why Choose Honey and Oatmeal for Your Skin?

The Magic of Honey for Skin

Honey isn’t just a delicious addition to your tea; it’s a skincare wonder! Packed with antioxidants and natural antibacterial properties, honey is excellent for combating acne and aging, keeping your skin supple and glowing.

Here is the honey that I like to use.

A jar of 365 Whole Foods Market Organic Mountain Forest Raw Honey with a clear label showing the USDA Organic and Fair Trade Certified logos. The honey is described as US Grade A, with the product origins listed as Brazil and Mexico

Oatmeal: The Gentle Exfoliant

Oatmeal, often found in your kitchen, is a gentle exfoliant. It soothes irritation and inflammation, making it ideal for sensitive skin types.

A bag of Bob's Red Mill Organic Old Fashioned Rolled Oats Whole Grain with the USDA Organic seal and Non-GMO Project Verified label. The packaging features the brand's logo, a portrait of Bob, and a transparent window displaying the oats.

Step-by-Step Guide

Making this face mask is a breeze. You’ll need:

  • 2 tbsp oatmeal
  • 1 tbsp natural honey
  • 2-3 tbsp warm water

Mix the ingredients into a paste, apply to your face, relax for 20 minutes, and then rinse off. It’s that simple!

Enhancing Your Routine with Bariki

While this DIY mask is fantastic, pairing it with Bariki Body Care products can elevate your skin care routine. Our range of natural products complements this mask perfectly.

Additional Tips for Healthy Skin

Regular skin care and trying out different natural ingredients can keep your skin looking its best. Don’t forget to stay hydrated and eat a balanced diet!


Embrace your natural beauty with Bariki Body Care. We’re here to support you on your journey to healthy, glowing skin. Don’t forget to check out our blog for more tips and tricks!