I am Resilient Skin Care Set


Fortify your spirit and body with Bariki Body Care’s “I Am Resilient” Skin Care Set. Featuring a luxurious whipped body butter, a protective hair, skin, and nails oil, and an invigorating all-in-one body wash, each scented with the woody zest of lemongrass, vetiver, and amber. This set is a daily celebration of resilience, offering both a potent skin nourishment and an empowering personal mantra

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Bariki Body Care’s “I Am Resilient” Skin Care Set is a tribute to the strength and adaptability inherent in every individual. Crafted to bolster your spirit and enhance your natural resilience, this set offers a daily dose of encouragement through the power of nourishing skincare. Each product in the collection carries a vibrant scent profile that blends the earthy depth of vetiver, the zesty freshness of lemongrass, and the rich warmth of amber, creating a fragrance that is both grounding and uplifting.

The centerpiece of the set is a full-size jar of our sumptuous whipped body butter. Rich and indulgent, it melts into your skin, providing deep hydration and leaving you with a feeling of luxurious softness. Its scent lingers, a constant reminder of your inner strength and the resilience you carry through life’s ebbs and flows.

Joining the body butter is our versatile Hair, Skin, & Nails Oil, a formula designed to fortify and protect. Its blend of essential oils and vitamins works to strengthen your hair, nourish your skin, and support nail health, reflecting the resilience of your body’s natural beauty.

Completing the set is our all-in-one body wash. This multi-tasking cleanser offers a refreshing and soothing bath experience, suitable for all skin types, and can also be used as a gentle hair shampoo. It rinses clean without stripping natural oils, leaving your skin and hair refreshed and cared for.

The “I Am Resilient” Skin Care Set is not only a regimen for your body but also a ritual for your soul. It stands as a daily affirmation of your unwavering strength and the confident poise with which you meet life’s challenges.

Included in the “I Am Resilient” Skin Care Set:

  • One full-size Whipped Body Butter for deep skin hydration.
  • One Hair, Skin, & Nails Oil for all-over fortification.
  • One All-in-One Body Wash for a refreshing cleansing experience.

Size: Various items included for a comprehensive care regimen

Additional information

Weight 18.5 oz
Dimensions 7 × 4.5 × 6.3 cm


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